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Half-inch and Quarter-inch Items - Dying Easter eggs

Seasonal Items - Easter baskets, Easter eggs, Easter cakes, St. Patrick's Day cookies and cake, Christmas cakes, Valentine's cakes and candy

Needlework, Plants, and Toys - Afghans, silk, rayon, knitted, crocheted, plants, toys

Desserts, Food Items, and Cakes - Cookies, candies, birthday cakes, child's birthday cakes, mother's day cakes, father's day cakes

Wedding & Anniversary - Wedding cakes, wedding shower cakes, anniversary cakes, specialized custom reproduction wedding cakes, wisteria house wedding cakes

Christmas Items - Glass Dishes, Poinsettia Plant, Gingerbread House, Angel Ornament, Candle Ornament, Santa Ornament, Snowman Ornament, Toy Soldier, Pearl Tree Topper